With the SNAN solar charger, two smartphones, tablets or other devices with USB charging output (for example loudspeakers) can be powered by the sun. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy with an energy efficiency of 23.5%. Perfect for beach, camping, festival or other outdoor uses.

The connected devices are recognized automatically by Smart Identification Technology and are supplied with a charging speed of up to 2A per USB port. Charging is thus as fast as in the case of direct sunlight, as with conventional powerbanks. The charger does not have a battery pack, which is why no solar energy is stored.

The 3 SunPower solar panels of the charger have a total area of ​​approx. 28 x 68 cm. The size is reduced to approximately 29 x 16.5 cm. With a weight of approx. 750 g, the SNAN solar charger is too heavy to carry with it in everyday life, but compact enough to store it in the backpack. The nylon material and the PVC coating of the solar panels ensure that the charger is quite robust and waterproof.

The SNAN 21W solar charger can either be laid flat, tilted or suspended. Included in the scope of supply are 4 carabiners with quick release fastener, which can be suspended by 4 eyelets on the wall, on a tree or on the camper. For hiking enthusiasts, the folded-out solar charger can also be fastened to the outside of the backpack in order to "continuously recharge" the smartphone and tablet.

For a tipped-on installation at a 45-degree angle on the floor or on a table, there are two integrated brackets, which can be easily folded over with a Velcro fastener.

After a test of the SNAN solar charger I can only connect to the positive ratings on Amazon. The sun-powered charger is robust, easy to store and charges up to two devices at high speed even in light clouds.

Note from manufacturer: Not suitable is the SNAN solar charger for iPods, the HP TouchPad, LG G2 and Asus tablets.