Besides the possibility of inductive charging without cables, the InLine 1477 Qi-Plate offers an additional USB port and a capacity of 7,000 mAh, which is enough to charge a smartphone about 3 times.

The 1477 Qi-Plate from the company InLine, the brand of the German Intos Electronic AG, thanks to built-in Qi technology allows inductive charging without cables. This is true for charging compatible smartphones as well as for loading the Powerbank itself. Charging the smartphone or induction is also possible while the Powerbank itself is being loaded.

In addition, an additional USB output with a current of 2 amps is installed for charging two devices at the same time, by induction and by cable.

The DesLine of the InLine Wireless Powerbank is simple and handy. The rubber ring on the surface provides a good hold when placing the mobile phone.

Caution: The possibility of inductive charging only exists in conjunction with a compatible smartphone. Most current smartphones have already integrated this technology. You can find a list of all compatible mobile phones here. However, mobile phones without integrated Qi technology can also be retrofitted cost-effectively with an adapter (for example, with the Universal Qi Receiver for Android or the Rhidon Qi Receiver for Apple).

Conclusion: The InLine Qi-Plate 1477 convinces in addition to the possibility of wireless charging, in particular due to its robust processing and the 2A output power of the additional USB output.