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Adento Power Bank 5400mAh

Le 15 décembre 2017, 10:44 dans power bank 0

The 5400mAh Adento power bank will then pick up when the batteries of your phone or tablet are running out. The powerbank is less than 1cm flat and fits in any trouser pocket. This makes it ideal for extending the battery life of mobile devices with 5V USB port on the go.

The Adento Powerbank 5400mAh is charged via the supplied USB cable on the computer or optionally via a mains adapter. For example, an iPhone can be completely recharged twice via the USB output. For other smartphones and tablets it is enough for at least a full charge.

The Adento Power Bank also shows that external batteries do not have to be clunky, but can be quite presentable. The elegant, metallic design is in no way inferior to many mobile devices. Four small LEDs indicate the current battery status of the power bank at the touch of a button.

Technical details about the Adento Powerbank 5400mAh:

Dimensions: 135x65x9mm
Weight: 136g
Charge amount: 5400mAh
Charge Indicator: 4status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB (5V/2A)
Accessories: Micro USB cable
Special features: High-quality processed power bank with metal surface

Anker® Astro E1 External 5200mAh battery

Le 14 décembre 2017, 11:41 dans battery 0

The external battery anchor Astro E1 has been one of the most popular models on Amazon since 2014. The customer reviews are extremely good, which is mainly due to the excellent price/performance ratio of the Power Bank.

With a charge of 5200mAh, the Anker Astro E1 smartphones like the iPhone 7 can recharge up to 2 times and even for a complete charge of an iPad, the juice is enough. The charge output is 5V/2A and thanks to the Power IQ technology, the connected device is detected, which achieves the fastest possible charging speed of up to 2 Amp.

In addition to good performance, the Anker Astro E1 also has an attractive design. The external battery is available in six different colors. In addition to the anchor Astro E5 included in the delivery are a USB charging cable and a user manual. In addition there is the quality promise of Anker in the form of an 18-month warranty.

At this price, the Astro E5 anchor is an absolute top offer, which is unparalleled in the category of medium-sized external batteries.

Technical details about the armature Astro E1:

Dimensions: 97x43x23mm
Weight: 119g
Charge amount: 5200mAh
Charge Indicator: 4 status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB (5V/2A)
Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, user manual, 18 months warranty
Special features: PowerIQ technology

Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank 5000mAh

Le 13 décembre 2017, 11:53 dans power bank 0

Bigger than a lipstick, this little Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank fits comfortably in your pocket.

The capacity of 5000mAh of the Aukey Mini Power Bank is enough to charge mobile phones once or twice. With the 2.1A inputs and outputs, charging the battery itself and the connected devices is relatively quick.

The sleek matte black plastic shell of the Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank looks sturdy and makes it difficult to scratch.

Technical details about the Aukey PB-N41 Mini Power Bank 5000mAh:

Dimensions: 90x43x22mm
Weight: 118g
Charge amount: 5000mAh
Charge level indicator: Touch sensor with 4 status LEDs
Connections: 1xUSB(5V/2,1A)
Accessories: micro USB cable, user manual
Special features: Really small for their capacity

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